Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We were loving the nice weather and enjoying the great outdoors...trucks anyone?

The tee-pee at Bauman Farms.  All of us plus cousin Ella (2nd cousin counts, right?)

Who'd have known that playing in a tube could be SO much fun!

Big overgrown trikes, but we love 'em.

Who'd have known that pushing the tube would be just as much fun?  Mason and Ethan could have done that all day, seriously!

Ryan got a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday and let me tell you, IT IS A HUGE HIT.  Ryan and the kids play with it EVERY single night.  What a great gift Nana and Papa!

Is that cute or what? I think Mason likes it!


Liz Schaecher said...

Maybe Ryan can give Andy a lesson or two on how to fly those helicopters...Andy got one for Christmas last year and really stinks at flying it! :) (don't tell him though!!)

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

I HATE those stupid helicopters. They freak me out. It is like having a bird fly around in your house and they always seem to have a magnet to ME. I always get hit with them and it makes me mad. I know. I'm a party pooper.