Saturday, March 21, 2009

Denee' Marie is 27!

My best bud ever Denee' Marie Kroeger officially turned 27 today! Ryan and I were able to spend the afternoon with her, Travis and their families. Travis, her hubby, planned the sweetest party for her. He did all the planning (aka: food, plates, cups, drinks, etc). He also did an awesome job shopping for and making food himself (hamburger patties with feta and mushrooms in them...impressive, huh?). Props to the Travinator for all his work! I always feel so blessed to spend time with Denee, because I love her and I completely appreciate the history we share. Best Buds since 8th grade...pretty amazing, huh? Happy Birthday to my completely incredible bud, Denee!

Kinda a big candle, huh? I think he grabbed it out of a candelabra!
Denee' opening her gifts. We got her a new workout outfit (since she is actually running like she and I are supposed to be...GO DENEE')!Denee' and I always have to get together for a picture! Memories in the making you know.


Denee said...

Thanks for a great afternoon! I really appreciated you guys coming EVEN with sick kiddos! I love you so much! XOXO and tell Ryan we DO want to celebrate his bday sometime soon too!

tkroeger said...

That's right! I learned from the best!!!!! Do work!