Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Away!

On Saturday and Sunday Jessica and I took our hubbys to Portland. We go-karted, had dinner and drinks, stayed in a hotel suite (one big room with two bedrooms and a living room), shopped and just enjoyed ourselves. It is so nice to have little breaks from our kiddos (thank you mom). So, Jessica and I go-karted once, and then we let the guys go on their own. Apparently I was a little slow and made it hard for everyone to move freely around the track. In my defense, I was enjoying the scenery (who cares if it was in a poorly ventilated warehouse)! So, while the guys raced again, Jess and I were taking pictures. It was one of those 'goofy, junior high' kind of moments where we were laughing hysterically at EVERYTHING. We were taking cheerleading style pics in our racing suits (see picture #4). We got the funniest pictures...what fun memories!

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