Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sissa Gecker turns ONE!

Marissa Schacher (Logan says Sissa Gecker) had her first birthday party on Saturday. She looked so darling, and was good natured (as always). Dan and Annie did an awesome job....the decor was amazing and the kids had a great time. Mason, Mya and Logan were so excited to give Marissa her birthday gift. They had been trying to open it all week. They gave her a Disney Princess ride-on car. All of our kiddos have them...and they are, by far, the favorite toy around here. Hopefully Marissa will love her car as much as the Bennett kids do.

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Schachers said...

Marissa LOVES it, barely getting off for anything! Thanks so much Mason, Mya, and Logan (Ryan and Tara too). I just have to point out the amazing photography in picture #1. The focus was truly phenomenal (thanks Ryan :).