Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mya crawling and her final PT!

Friday night Mya started crawling! You are probably thinking 'big deal'...they all do that. But I honestly remember wondering if Mya would ever crawl...roll over...or do anything much for that matter. After she was born, it seemed like a long time before we heard anything positive about her prognosis. She had EEG's, CT Scans, and MRI's. She was delayed, with low-muscle tone. All sorts of diagnosis were thrown out and one by one she has outperformed them all. God has truly restored her health. She is thriving and blessing our lives. Today she had, what I pray will be, her last physical therapy appointment. I won't fib...I am prayerfully hoping that Mya's appointment in two weeks will far surpass the doctors expectations and that they will discharge her from the children's development and rehabilitation center. No one has directly implied that she is ready to be discharged. I am just believing and praying that we can turn the last page in this chapter of our lives. When we sit in the waiting room at Emanuel, my heart can't help but sing for joy at the blessings we have experienced. I see parents and kiddos who are facing tough things in life and difficulties beyond what I could imagine. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness to Mya, our family, and me personally. I pray that I would see His goodness and faithfulness even if Mya continues to have health and/or development issues. God is good despite our circumstances and certainly despite our health. His character is unchanging and is not dictated of affected by life circumstances.

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Janna said...

Yay for Mya crawling!

And dang! She is so cute!