Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dull, LONG and a Crummy Dr. Appt.

This week has been utterly dull and LONG. We have all been battling the really nasty cold going around (for a full two weeks). In short we have been forced to cancel all play-dates and get-togethers (both here and out) and we haven't had any of our normal 'outings' (BSF, music) because of spring break. All in all I have just been trying to keep Logan from scaling the walls out of sheer bordom while keeping Mason and Mya feeling as comfortable as possible (babies and colds are a bad thing especially when they share a room and wake each other up all night).

The only thing we have really done this week is take Mya to her big 'check-up' appointment with the developmental pediatrician at Emanuel. She is the one who has the authority to discharge Mya from the program and give her a 'good-health seal' (so to speak). The doctor was pleased that Mya was making progress, but she wasn't ready to discharge her. Mya is now assessing even further behind that she was at previous assessments. The reason for this is that although Mya can do many more things, she has also gotten older, thus raising the standard of what is expected of her. The doctor was asking about some of Mya's facial features (always looking for genetic disorders) so I got a little discouraged. They were comparing pictures of Logan's features with Mya's (I insisted that all of Mya's features run in the family) to see if a specific feature was hereditary. Nothing about the situation has changed, I just long for human assurance that Mya is on the right road developmentally. On top of all that, Mya was in an awful mood. Tears, tears and more tears. She didn't want to be weighed, measured or bothered and she didn't feel all that great. I won't lie, the appointment was disappointing, but we will have another one in 9 the journey continues.

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Brandi said...

Long, dull, boring appointments, only to not get the results that you were hoping for. I feel your pain, but know that in your heart of hearts that Maya is making progress and she is going to continue to make progress. She has already defied anything the doctors said that she couldn't/wouldn't be able to do. It seems like she is on her own schedule.

The doc's keep looking a genetic stuff because she is not fitting into the box that other kids fit into. Well, as an educator, just because one of our students doesn't fit the box doesn't mean that there is something wrong. It means that they have a different way of learning and it has no impact on their intelligence or function.

My understanding is that it is not uncommon for one twin to be farther along than the other. I have a friend whose twins just turned a year and their skills are W A Y far apart.

Maya has a bright, intelligent, loving mama and is going to do great things.

I'm here for you if you would like to talk!

Keep smiling :)