Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monster Truck Rally!

Logan's birthday party was yesterday and it was a BLAST! We celebrated with friends and enjoyed the fellowship that comes with having most of your good buds and family under one roof at the same time. Logan had been waiting and waiting for this day to come. He finally understood that it was all about celebrating him. All his best buddies, favorite things, and favorite foods came together to create a personal amusement park of sorts (at least for the birthday boy). He even got a special monster truck birthday shirt complete in party colors and all. I love planning birthday parties, but this was my first time doing one at our house. I always struggle with how to make it work in a 'not super big house' with lots of people (our short, short, short guest list is 35ish) and still wanting everyone to have lots to do and room to have fun. This year I decided to work with the garage as I was wanting to make a monster truck sand pit anyway (which would not be welcome inside and it was raining outside), so I decorated the garage as a monster truck rally pit and the kids loved it. It even gave us a place for crafts and the all worked out great. The 'monster snack bar' was inside and featured all sorts of snacks: crackers, cheese, hummus, fruit, pirate's booty, licorice, peanut butter bars, 7 layer bars and lots more high-calorie snacks. Nana made Logan's birthday cake. It was an ice-cream cake shaped like a dirt mound with crushed oreos. We even added a monster truck for effect! We were so blessed by the presence of our family and friends. We are also so blessed by Mr. Logan who has the sweetest, most grateful spirit we could ever hope or pray for.

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