Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pre-school Here We Come!

This morning I went with a friend (cousin I guess?) to observe at a pre-school. I am SOOO excited for Logan to add a new adventure to his weekly routine this coming fall. It is only two mornings each week for a few hours so he won't be gone too much, but will get a chance to interact of other kiddos and adults in a more formal setting. As a former teacher, I dreamed of being on the other side of the "teacher's desk". Receiving a Friday folder, rather than stuffing 50 of them. Ooohhhhing and ahhhhhhing over completed artwork rather than planning for and preparing the project. I found my mind wandering to the kind of snacks I would pack for Logan, school supplies and clothes, volunteering for fund raisers, picking a backpack (I look at them all the time in the Pottery Barn kids catalog). You get the idea...I just can't believe that Logan will be in pre-school this next school year. Craziness I tell you, pure craziness!

PS: It also kind of made me chuckle, because I did my P.E. practicum at the same school my senior year in college, so it brought back some funny memories.

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Angela said...

I remember how excited(and a little sad) I was when Dylan started preschool. I can't believe what he has learned there and how great It has been for him! I am so excited for Logan.....What a big boy!!! :)