Thursday, March 5, 2009

Absent but present!

Sorry my posts have been so sparce the last couple of weeks. We have been battling illness around here (and losing) and in addition I am attempting to make better use of time. I would like to actually spread my BSF lesson out over the whole week rather than doing it all on Monday night (these aren't short lessons folks). Also, I am trying to schedule in exercise every day (or as often as possible). I am basically trying to stick to a schedule. I want to get up in the morning, get ready, get the kiddos ready, be productive throughout the day, get baths, get kiddos to bed so I can exercise, and so my stuff. I feel as though I have gotten a little relaxed and lazy about schedules around here. I don't just want to survive mamahood, I would like to thrive and teach my children to be 'doers'. I have gotten used to being a 'pajama, home-body' kind of mama since Mason and Mya have arrived (to everything there is a season). So, if all goes according to pllan, I won't have near as much time to blog. I need to work it into the routine, but let's be honest...I was spending A LOT of time blogging. So bear with me as my life tries to regain some semblance of organization and order.
After all, God is a God of order. We have been studying the book of Numbers in BSF and God was so careful to provide plans for all the seemingly small details of the Israellites life. He didn't tell the Israellites to wake up in the morning, watch the View, talk on the phone, take a nap, blog all day and then catch Dr. Phil. They had a schedule, meaningful things to do, specific orders from God as to how to maintain an orderly camp and jobs they were responsible for completing. God certainly knew they needed rest (hence the Sabbath) but He also knew they needed to work so they could appreciate a day of rest. So in this journey of mamahood, I want to be relaxed enough to laugh with and love on my kids, but I also want to be intentional with the time God has given us together. I don't want to let the time slip through my fingers in a way that could leave me with regrets. I want to be open (and ready, literally) for the exciting things God brings into our path.

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Denee said...

Speaking of working out and being a might be proud I ran 2 mi on wed and 2 mi on fri! Let's shoot for 3 mi next week?