Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dinner and a Fire!

Last night Kim, Enez and I headed to Bridgeport for dinner at P.F. Changs. After dinner we visited and shopped (go figure...). It was so nice to have a dinner free from cleaning up messes and having to shovel food down our throats. All was normal until Enez and I were driving home, and we came upon a road block. All of a sudden I saw thick smoke and realized that there were firemen putting out a car fire--those of you who know me well, know that I have an absolute PHOBIA/PARANOIA about car fires. In fact, the other day in Portland, I had a minor panic attack while driving because I swore I smelled smoke. Shortness of breath, sweat, lightheadedness...the whole nine yards. However, last night I totally pulled it together. I handled the situation like a trooper (even if I do say so myself). My calm may have had something to do with the glass of wine I had just enjoyed. I did manage to stick my camera out the sun roof to get a shot before we zoomed away. For the blog...of course!

P.F. Changs!

We tried to take a picture of ourselves in the car, because we realized we had neglected to take pictures for most of the evening! The picture is fuzzy because we were actually pretty far away....I couldn't/wouldn't get any closer, so I tried to zoom way in.

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Enez Bradford said...

That was too funny...can't wait to do it again! Not the car fire though.