Friday, April 24, 2009


I couldn't help but laugh and take a few pictures of my kiddos in our new gated play area--they looked like cute little jailbirds. I bought it to use outside for the times when I needed to tend to Logan or his toys and had no where safe for Mason and Mya to be. Our yard isn't fully-fenced and a very busy road goes right by our house in the front. When we were all outside the other day, evertime I needed to help Logan get his power-wheel unstuck or had to get something out of the shed I had to STRAP Mason and Mya snugly into the wagon (with they can dump if they work together). So the solution I came up with was this little gated area. I brought it inside to figure out how it worked and the kids thought it was pretty stinkin' exciting. We put balls in it, made forts and even made it into a drive-thru. It turned out to be a fun inside adventure as well as a practical outside solution.

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