Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gift Giver-Logan

My heart has paused in gratitude the last couple of days as my son has taken up the 'hobby' of giving gifts. His favorite gift to give is that of Mack, the Mack truck on the Cars Movie. He loves to hide it under a blanket and 'surprise' me with a special gift. I shower him with praise and thank him for thinking of me and taking the time to be thoughtful. He is quite in tune with gifts. At the age of three (barely) he honestly knows where most of his toys came from. He will says things like, "That was sure nice of Owen and Jack to get me that car for my birthday." -his favorite ride-on-car from his 2nd birthday. Or , "That was sure nice of Grammy to get me that." Of course we do make sure to tell him who his gifts are from (initially) and that sort of thing, but he just seems to notice gifts and care where they came from for that matter. He genuinely has a heart of gratitude and I take such pleasure in it. The fact that he appreciates the gifts he has been given and is beginning to take joy in thinking of others makes my heart glad.
My love language is gifts- I love to give them and I love to receive them (being honest here). I typically shop for birthdays weeks before they get here. I take joy in the small details of ribbon, tissue and bags, and I especially love planning themed baskets. To me, it is a small way to show others how appreciated they are!
Today is my mom's birthday (Grammy) and Logan was really concerned about when and where her birthday party was going to be. He also wondered about her gifts and her cake. I loved seeing him taking an interest in someone else's special day-and wanting to celebrate it. God has given him a gracious, tender spirit that is genuinely concerned about the best interest of others. I feel so fortunate to receive his special gifts all day long-even if they are Mack wrapped up in a blanket over and over. They are an expression of Logan's desire to make my day special by giving me a 'good gift'. I'm off to take Mack for a spin down the hallway, so Logan can see me enjoying my gift! Blessings!

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Coleson's Blog said...

sweet! I bet Coleson and Logan would be good buddies if we lived closer!