Thursday, April 30, 2009

Personal Triumph

About a year ago my friend Jori was over one afternoon when I noticed her amazing travel cup. It looks just like a Starbucks venti cold cup, but it a reusable, insulated travel cup for cold drinks. I was absolutely elated because I LOVE STRAWS and DIET COKE OVER ICE from sun-up to sun-down (depressing, I know...). So typically I take a glass (a real glass from the house) and a straw with me when I go somewhere. I haven't broken one yet, but I wouldn't put it past myself. So when I saw Jori's cup, I searched high and low for one of my very own. I scowered many a Starbucks and searched the internet. I found them on E-bay but I wasn't willing to pay more than 50 bucks (which is already outrageous), so I have waited and waited and waited. Jori spotted the cups yesterday at the Silverton Starbucks in Safeway and I zoomed there just in time to get my very own. I am proud to announce that I am the new owner of a Starbucks insulated cold cup (okay, so three of them). Your drink stays cold, they don't sweat, and the lid screws on tight! What an amazing day in my world...Praise the Lord for the small blessings!


Coleson's Blog said...

Yes, praise God for small blessings! They keep us going sometimes :)

Schachers said...

I was so going to call you on Wednesday after Amie Briles (who works at Starbucks) called me and told me she had insider information that they were coming back. You were the first person I thought of when I heard that. :0)