Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's been going on...

Things around here have been business as usual...busy! Ryan (and company) are done planting onions, which is always a blessing. I took this picture when I went to pick up Logan after he spent the afternoon in the planter with daddy!On Sunday Ryan took the kiddos to Ag-Fest (at the fairgrounds). Ag-Fest has all sorts of animals, tractors, exhibits and fun agricultural related acitivites for the kids. I spent the day catching up on errands. Nana and Papa were kind enough to go along for the adventure to help Ryan out and spend the day with the kiddos. I reluctantly skipped out on Ag-Fest this year in hopes of getting some, much needed, errands done. I was able to hit Costco, did some returns and got the kiddos each their spring jammies. Ryan only got a few pictures before the battery in the camera died, but here they are:

Logan milking a 'cow' I am guessing she is the Rodeo Princess...Logan drives a tractor! Nana and Papa with the kiddos! Next on the list of exciting happenings is Mason started walking. It is kind of a hoot to watch because he is so stinkin' tiny. In fact, he primarily wears t-shirts because his shorts fall off of him when he crawls and he trips on his pants. Mya realizes that she is missing out on the new adventure. She is trying, trying, trying to walk. She just started to stand on her own (since Mason started walking)....she practices ALL THE TIME. It is so funny to watch the dynamics between the Mason and Mya--they totally have their own communication and they are always looking for each other and working together. For Mya's attempts at walking she gets herself steady, holds her arms out and squeals a long squeal as though to give herself a little pep talk before attempting to take a step and promptly falling. It is HILARIOUS!
Maybe she thinks she's doing the hula!Mya is getting so adventursome! She is just blossoming and coming into her own. She used to be really timid and afraid to try things on her own, but she is really just enjoying life these days and getting brave. This morning when I went into Logan's room I found Mya on the train table. She got there all by HERSELF.


Christy said...

Wow! They are growing up too fast.

Coleson's Blog said...

Love her ballerina outfit :)