Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today Becca and I got the kiddos together to play. Logan and Melia had so much fun, and Becca and I can never resist taking their pictures. We always joke that if they were to get married, they would definitely have cute slideshow pictures. Of course we are kidding (sort of), but it is hilarious how Logan is so easy-going and Melia likes to take charge. They would make a good team! The one bummer about playdates is when the babies start to get tired, I have to go home. Today I was trying desperately to get Mason and Mya to fall asleep so that we could play at Becca's (and visit) just a little bit longer. I finally did it...they actually fell asleep! That is the first time ever that they have both gone to sleep (together) in my arms...super sweet!

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StephanieThorp said...

Yay, you are blogging again!! What MOPS do you go to in Salem?