Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Amazing Mya!

Well, I nonchalantly took Mya to physical therapy with no hopes or expectations except that of a cramp in my back from the long drive. Mya has been doing awesome (standing alone, walking behind push-cars, etc.) at home but that never seems to transition well to therapy. It has been battle after battle-seriously. Lots of crying, screaming and downright difficulties every time we go to therapy (bad time of the day, I think...I hope). In addition, Mya just hasn't been able to catch up to all the goals and milestones they have laid out for her. So, all that to day that she rocked the house today at therapy. Her therapist was thrilled with her progress and said that Mya had already met all of the brand-new goals laid out for her--(due to some random circumstances we hadn't seen Jocelyn in a couple of weeks which made Mya's progress shocking to her). She said that we could stop therapy for now and have Mya reassessed in July. WooHoo! Mya is done for now. God has been so gracious in blessing Mya's health and development. We are so incredibly grateful for this break to 'just be'...no label, no title, no therapy! Can I get an amen?

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Denee said...

yay for mya! I knew she could do it...now maybe downtime for mommy huh? ...or not :)