Sunday, May 31, 2009

Erath and Dundee

Yesterday we went with the Kroegers and the Schachers to the Dundee Bistro (the place I went with some girlfriends for Mother's Day) and up in the hills for some wine tasting at Erath Winery. It was sort of a dual purpose gathering. #1. It had been way too long since hanging out last. #2. Denee' is leaving for Uganda on Friday (for two weeks) so we needed to get together before she leaves. We had such a wonderful (not to mention childless) afternoon enjoying the company of friends and SUNSHINE. What a blessing to sneak away for a break to enjoy some adult company with some of the best pals ever!
Denee' and I were noticing that we have been best friends for half of our lives...Kind of crazy and amazingly fun to think of all the things we have been through together.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara - Here is a link to Chelsey's blog. She just graduated and is working at a drug rehab center in Albany NY. - Bev

Brandi said...

Erath is our favorite winery to go to also! Funny how we have so much in common and hardly know each other. I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy time with your friends. It's so rejuvenating! Cheers!