Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faith's Bowling Party!

Logan's friend Faith (Jessica's youngest) turned 6 and Logan and I got to help celebrate! We had such a good and bowling. It was Logan's first experience bowling. There are so many more fun pictures (on facebook, I think)....that Jess took on her camera. Logan loved bowling and it was so stinkin' cute. It took FOREVER because bowling with kiddos is a SLOW, SLOW game. It honestly probably took a full minute for Logan's ball to make it down the lane and reach the pins. He would set the ball down and give it a really gentle shove. The kids had a blast and Faith got to to be the bowling birthday princess. Happy birthday to Miss Faith!
PS: I found these shoes at the bowling alley (along with a pink bowling ball) and it honestly made me want to take up bowling. HIGH HEEL BOWLING SHOES! How darling is that? I do love the heels, but I will be honest....I took bowling in college and I was less than great! Logan clearly gets his beginner skills from me!

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