Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bright Lights-Big Color!

Today Mya got her toe-nails painted for the very first time. She is featuring an OPI spring color titled Bright Lights-Big Color with an added white flower and rhinestone for effect. Haha....Just kidding. I painted her toe nails really quickly and threw a sticker on them before she crawled away....but it is SO CUTE! I was just going to paint one nail to see what she thought but she was mezmorized with it, so I just kept going with no compaints from her. She is so dainty and girly. Even at our outing yesterday while most everyone else tromped around in the water, Mya sat contentedly on the blanket in her sunhat snacking on teddy grahams (like mother like daughter). She is such a doll! I can tell already she will be a spectacular pedicure buddy someday!

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Angela said...

This made me smile.....ADORABLE!!!