Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Special Bond!

Lately the special 'twin bond' that Mason and Mya share has been more and more evident. They are always together; they just sort of roam around the house together. When they play, they remind me of a couple of little kittens. Rolling around together as though they are on a little hamster wheel. They share food and steal each other's binkies. Once one of them starts laughing, the other joins in and it is sort of like a Jr. High slumber party--non-stop giggling. They also encourage eachother to be more brave and mischevious. They are little trouble makers together--and they know it. If they are being naughty (unrolling toilet paper, etc...they work together while laughing hysterically). I feel so blessed to have the priveledge of raising twins. Mason and Mya are such a unique little pair. Their interactions are absolutely priceless! Here are a few:

Mya was climbing to get a toy while Mason stabilized the car so she didn't fall!

Mya was giving Mason his binkie back--after she stole it, of course!

The funniest thing about this picture is that the cups are empty. Mason got out a sippy cup to 'pretend drink' and Mya followed suit, because that's what twins do.
They scaled the bathroom stool in hopes of finding something good on the counter. Mya was the leader of this shenanigan.
Working together to do who-know's-what!

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