Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Update...

I am way overdue for a post about what's going on at the Bennett household. My laptop has been out of commission and it just got fixed today. I am so thrilled because our desktop computer is in our room and I never find time without the kiddos to get in there and update the blog or get on facebook....unless I want all the books in our room torn and chewed on of course. Over the last week we haven't done anything too terribly exciting. The usual: trips to Target and plenty of playdates. I did however make it to Babies R Us last week with Annie and Marissa to get my brand-spankin'-new double umbrella stroller. I now feel so free. The stroller is so compact and easy. Until now, I have been using the Graco, front and back double stroller which was necessary when Mason and Mya were babies, but now we are officially in a less cumbersome, side-by-side stroller. I even tackled the pet parade in Silverton SOLO--Ryan was working. Truth be told, I did have help because we met Dan, Annie and Marissa there for some parade watching, fire truck climbing, ice-cream eating adventures. We also had a fun little picnic with Ryan later that afternoon. Nothing but the healthiest treats for these kiddos ALL THE TIME! By healthy, I mean a HambugerHappy Meal. I always swore my kids wouldn't eat junk like that (but that was before I had kids):)Logan and I also had our last BSF classes for the year. Logan made sweet little cards for his teachers. BSF ending is rather bittersweet for me--I will miss it dearly, but I am completely ready for a break. What Logan learned this year in his own words--"I learned about Hoses and the nabernacle and nufing else" (Moses and the Tabernacle and nothing else). He always makes me laugh. He has such a funny way of wording things. So, that's about all you've missed over the last week! Blessings to you all!

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