Saturday, May 30, 2009

Humbling Mommy Moment

We all have the days of running errands with kiddos that result in tired kids and a tired, stressed-out mama. Well this last Thursday was one of those days for me. I packed Logan, Mason and Mya to the Salem Center mall to get fitted for new shoes, do several returns and pick up some various gifts and such. By the end of our time at the mall we were all dragging and ready for a (very necessary) break and or nap. I knew it was pushing the envelope, however I was determined to stop at TJ Maxx to do my last return. Dragging a bit, I loaded the kids into a cart and headed inside to do the return. Of course the line was long, so we waited....and waited. Mason was strapped into the child seat, Mya was riding in the back part (where you put all your stuff....) and Logan was walking beside me. It was a little bit of a stretch, but returns are quick right? The kids were whining and people were staring at us like we were a cirucus act. I understand that three kids under three and a stressed out mom are are a humorous sight, but the constant questions get old. How old are they? My you must be busy. Do twins run in your family? Are they walking? Are they identical? (don't even get me started). And the questions go on and on. Honestly everywhere we go people stare, whisper and ask questions. It is kind of like when you are 9 months pregnant and everyone is watching you and talking to you about when your due, their personal labor stories and babies....blah, blah, blah. All this to say that I was feeling sensitive about the unwanted attention and was tired and cranky beyond belief. All of a sudden I felt THE WHOLE ENTIRE CART FLIP OVER. Logan (who's almost 50 lbs.) had gone from having his hand on the cart to hanging off the side of the cart. So the babies are screaming, people are gasping and running (no exaggeration here). It was quite the sight. After the cart was back on all fours and the babies calmed down (no one was hurt...just a bruise or two) we proceeded to wait in line but not without unsolicited comments from bystanders. An old lady kept telling me that Mason needed to go to the doctor because he hit his head (and she saw it she kept saying). I tried being nice and finally I said, "This is should see what happens at home! He's fine." He wasn't even crying....Finally it was our turn, we did our return, and we walked out. After I started the car I just wanted to cry! So tired, frustrated, thirsty, and just plain wore out. We all have these humbling mommy moments, right? Hopefully they are few and far between, but nevertheless they are so difficult in the moment!


Anonymous said...

Tara -

I am hoping you can laugh about this soon. Don't be too hard on yourself, we have all had those moments when we wish the earth would open up and swallow us up! This kids are so cute and the beach pics are priceless.


Angela said...

Wow Tara that sounds like quite the ordeal. I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!!!

Brandi said...

O.k Tara, I am in tears...from laughter! I am picturing all of this in my head as you are telling it, and I can't help but think of how crazy it must have been for you. If it were me in your shoes, I would have been crying and maybe said a few things to the old lady that I shouldn't have said. Ahh motherhood, isn't it great! :)