Saturday, July 18, 2009

Berries....Lots of Berries

I love all the berries that summer brings. They are so good on ice cream, in cobblers and I love to freeze them. Well, actually I love having frozen berries but I hate washing them and freezing them. It's such a hassle. I do however LOVE the labeler I got last month. It makes mundane household tasks seem freezing berries. I have been labeling pretty much anything and everything! Praise the Lord for the small things in life.


Coleson's Blog said...

how fun are you!!

Kim, Aaron, Jake, Jack and Baby #3 said...

YUM! I love berries, too! But even more so, I LOVE LABELING THINGS! I always knew we were so much alike. :) Hope you are good, and hope you have a MUCH better week!

Janna said...

I'm jealous of your label maker :)