Saturday, July 25, 2009

Technological Blunder !??!?!!???

I have been a 'not-so-faithful' blogger this last week as my laptop is having issues. I already got a new motherboard (I say that like I know what it is, huh?) a couple months ago and now I need a new hard drive. I am not at all opposed to the inconvenience of having it serviced....but when the hard drive died...IT TOOK ALL MY STUFF WITH IT! Ryan and I have had many long conversations with the not-so-local employees of Dell. So to make a long story short...I have to do everything on our desktop computer which is located in our room. For those of you who aren't around Mason and Mya much...that means I can't use the computer unless everyone is napping or at least safely confined which is like...uh...NEVER. Mason will climb and destroy anything in his path. So I will be sort of in-and-out of blogging for a while. Blessings to you all!

PS: I was right in the middle of posting the cutest pictures of Ryan and Logan walking towards eachother in an onion field and now the picture is lost...what a bummer huh?

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Janet Friesen said...

Hi Tara! I am loving your blogs. I don't know if your camera does this or not but mine retains the pictures even after I delete them. I would love to see Daddy Ryan and Logan in the onion field! Thanks so much for sharing!