Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today we went to Quinn's 2nd birthday party. (Quinn is one of Ryan's cousins' kiddos.) Ryan and I came up with the random idea to switch Mason and Mya's clothes and see if anybody at the party would notice. Believe me....anyone who sees them very often would not be fooled...but these were mostly extended family we see every couple of months. So we put Mason in a hair bow and flowered shorts and put Mya in one of Mason's outifts. What was really funny was that nobody noticed. They just commented on how darling Mya was (LOL), and how cute Mason was. Truth be told...Mason doesn't make a super cute girl, but I actually loved seeing Mya dressed like a little boy because she looked just like Logan did at that age. So finally we shared our secret, which got a pretty good laugh out of everybody, and switched them back to the right clothes.

The party was DARLING! Krissy did a stellar job if I do say so myself. The food was great and the kiddos loved the pinata. They also loved playing on Quinn's new trampoline. You know me...I love to celebrate!
Daddy and Mason (dressed like Mya)!
Me and Mya (dressed like Mason)!Logan and Jack eating cake and ice-cream! Mason and Mya enjoying the trampoline dressed in the RIGHT clothes!


Liz Schaecher said...

That is TO funny!!! You guys crack me up!!

Janna said...

Love it! I'm totally doing this with my boys. Well, not exactly, but I'm going to dress one as a girl and one as a boy and go to the store and see if people assume they are boy/girl twins. Then I suppose I'll switch and do it again, so both boys end up wearing pink just to be fair :)

christy said...

That's just hilarious. :)