Monday, July 13, 2009

Children at Work!

Sometimes when I sit back and watch our kiddos play...I am amazed by their hard work. Playing is the work of our young kiddos. They are learning with every block they stack and every shape they match. Every doll they cover with a blanket and lego man they build forms a little synapsis in their brains that God will use in the future as He continues to develop their little minds. I love watching them explore the world around them. That being we went to Northwest Kids Club and the kids ate lunch and just played. I enjoy them being able to freely explore in an environment where I don't have to nag them about what they can and cannot touch. It is a free-for-all there (for the most part). I see them getting more and more brave and adventursome (especially Mya)! I also love that I can get a coffee there. Praise the Lord for the small things that bring a mama joy throughout the day.....!

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Liz Schaecher said...

Tara, I absolutey love reading your blog! I can't wait until Aiden is a little bigger so he can join in the fun!! Hope you are surviving the summer! :)