Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Oregon Steam-Up!

Today Ryan, myself, grammy (my mom), and the kiddos went to the 39th annual Great Oregon Steam-up in good ol' Brooks. We had a really nice time riding the small scale trains, checking out antique farm equipment, looking at fire engines, exploring the truck museum, eating kettle corn, devouring shaved ice (the good kind that's like snow) and watching the tractor pull. It was really hot but the kids rallied and we had a really fun afternoon. We even made it home with everybody's hats and shoes. I honestly think that might be the first time I have made it home with all three hats. We ALWAYS lose somebody's hat or shoes--okay, primarily Mason's, but nevertheless...not this time.

Logan by the scale model truck at the truck museum....this place was like heaven for Logan...trucks, trucks and more trucks!I don't really remember what this is...but it was cool. This is where my true "non-agricultural" roots show. I seriously don't know what ANYTHING is. I just smile, nod and act like I know what people are talking about....(not always, but more times than I like to admit).

Ryan and Mason on the little locomotive. The boys loved it, but suprise Miss Mya held onto me for dear life...peeking over my shoulder a few times.
The whole family...staring right into the bright, HOT sun!
Mason and Mya minus the hats and shoes. Truth be told, Ryan got tired of picking them up off the ground so he stuck them in the bottom of the stroller and left them there. Maybe that's why we made it home with all of them....hmmmm!

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