Monday, July 13, 2009

Jammies....So cute!

Are everybody's kiddos this cute in jammies? I always crack up at my little babies running around the house in their P.J.'s. Let's be honest...many days we are all in jammies for most of the day! Oh well, soon enough they will all start school and we will be up and at em' bright and early. Logan was in his underoos so I opted not to post that picture....but Mason and Mya were fully clothed so I had to share the cuteness! Blessings!
Such attitude and personality!
I take full responsibility for passing on my stalky little legs to Mya...Someday I will apologize to her myself....just kidding (sort of)!

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Rebecca Ragan said...

Thank you for posting this because I 100% agree with you that babies are most adorable in their jammies! I love putting Brooks in his pjs every evening. He is so warm and snuggy in them. It has always been my favorite. :) Your kids are so cute!!!