Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Extra! Extra!

Extra, Extra read all about it! A two headed martian was spotted at IKEA today! Just kidding but you would have thought that had been the case. My friend Janna (who also has twins) and I took ALL five of our kiddos to IKEA. Her and her twins plus me and my brut was apparently quite a site. People were pointing and staring even more than normal (people always have an odd fascination with twins for some reason). It was quite hilarious. In defense of the onlookers, we were pushing a giant cart carrying a crib in addition to our double wide strollers loaded with twins. All I can say is that it's a great thing that IKEA has those gigantic elevators and big family size restrooms! We had a who can pass up Swedish meatballs, right? PS: This blogger (me) was even willing to ask a stranger to take our group picture at IKEA. He wondered where we were visiting from..LOL. Apparently I have no shame when it comes to asking strangers to take odd pictures. The guy was probably thinking, "You're shopping lady, you've got to be kidding me." Oh well!


Robyn said...

You are such a brave, fun mama... but I suppose you have to be!

Chris/ty said...

Wow Tara - you are such a trooper. I love that you made some guy take a picture too. You are such a true blogger. :)
Thanks for keeping your far away friends updated with your life. I love it.

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

My favorite part of this photo is Logan with his hand to his forehead, like "Oh dear mom, here we go again with the pictures".