Saturday, July 25, 2009

A 'small pool' party

Ryan worked most of the day today so my mom and I had a little backyard pool party with the kiddos at her house. She and Logan set up the little pools and we all took in some sun! We aren't all that accustomed to these 90 degree summer days around here. Mom was even kind enough to watch the kiddos tonight so Ryan and I could grab some dinner...I can't resist Red Robin's steak fries. I think they are probably 2 points each on Weight Watchers (haha...Just kidding). Anything that tastes that good has to be sinful and hip hugging. Cheers!

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Mike and Mindy Roth said...

That picture of Mason and Mya climbing up the ladders reminds me of the first time I met Logan. You guys came to my parents house and I was amazed that he could climb the ladder, without any help at 17 mos. At that point, Jaycoby was 19 mos. and I wouldn't have dreamed of letting him near a ladder by himself. I felt like such a helicopter mom, but it inspired me to let him loose a little bit :). He still didn't master the ladder until the next summer though. Lol