Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home is...

For those of you who have spent much time in our home know that we have TONS of family pictures all over the house. Pictures of our wedding, our kiddos when they were babies, our kiddos now, our friends, our nieces and nephews, engagement pictures, and pretty much anything else you can think of...! It warms my heart for our children to see pictures of themselves on the wall with eachother and also pictures of their extended family as well as our life prior to them being born. They are part of something bigger than themselves. They won't ever have to wonder about their heritage or the HUGE group of people who adore them and will be cheering for them on the sidelines of life whether they are a NFL Football player or a really great flute player. They are loved simply because of the people they are and who God made them to be. I was hanging the new framed pictures of Mason, Mya, Logan, Addi and Lilly (our nieces) and I could hardly bring myself to leave the room. My heart was warmed to see those pictures on the wall, in a place of importance, knowing that our kiddos are blessed with family. I thank the Lord that they are loved....not just by us but by so many others. I pray that we are able to articulate to our kiddos the sense of home and family that we feel. I love to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and take a deep breath in. Our home is so peaceful and traquil; It has such a sense of home and love. It's nothing fancy...but it's home (at least to us)!

Home is...
1. where your favorite ice cream treats are always in the freezer.
2. where you have soft jammies that fit you just right.
3. the place that smells like cookies and candles.
4. where you don't have to hide your 'flaws'.
5. where people KNOW your weaknesses and love you anyways.
6. where you know where everything is.
7. the place that your favorite, softest blanket resides.
8. the place that has pictures of you on the walls WITH the people you love.
9. where there is always a place for you.
10. the place where your name is on the mailbox.
11. where you aren't ever in the way.
12. your name is on the answering machine message.
13. where you want to be when you are sick!
14. where you belong.
15. where mom knows how you eat your eggs.

Thank you Lord for our home!


Ann Van Gilder said...

Hi, Tara! Just want you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your heart for the Lord and your family. You are truly blessed and a blessing! Say "hi" to your mom when you see her.

Gina Lierman said...

You should be writing in a magazine! What an awesome journalist you are :)