Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Birthday Party!

Logan turns 3 on March 10th! I am absolutely stumped about what to do for his birthday. He is in that weird in-between stage, because he has definite ideas about what he does and doesn't like but he is too young to do a lot of things. In addition, Salem is 'boring land', our house won't easily accomodate our big ol' parties, March is dependably warm, and Logan wants a monster truck party. He is so excited for his birthday this year, he finally gets it. Ever since Mason and Mya's party he has had the same daily ritual. He wakes up in the morning and announces,''Today is my birfday party. I tell him that it is indeed coming soon, but not today. He replies, "It sure is, mom!" ,"My friends are coming here today!" and I just kind of go along with his excitement until he forgets about his birfday party, at least for the rest of the day. Needless to say he is really excited to have his friends over. I have some ideas...but I will have to get the creative juices flowing. So birthday party the date! Loganator is turning 3!

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Denee said...

I'm so excited for Logan's birfday! Ummm...i'm a little disappointed you haven't blogged in a week...i'm checking from work now. get that camera charged! Thanks the for fun weekend! XOXO Denee'