Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Plans-head nowhere whenever!

The Mini-Roadtrip Adventure Begins!

Yesterday Ryan and I had an awesome day together; there are pictures at the end (I tried to document our whole trip). My mom watched our kiddos so we were able to take off on our adventure. We had no specific plans or even a destination in mind, other than the idea of possibly going to the Oregon coast. We set out with no diapers, no nap schedules, no hot water for bottles, no pack-n-plays--no things pertaining to the survival of our children and most importantly NO CHILDREN. What an amazingly wonderful feeling! (Not that we don't adore them...) We even took a change of clothes in case we decided to stay the night somewhere...who knows where? We took off and stopped at Chateau Bianca (a winery) to taste some wine and have a snack. I ended up finding a couple outstanding bottles of wine (which I love as souvenirs) and the most amazing grape seed oil, used for dipping or cooking. Paired with crackers, it is tasty beyond your wildest imgination. So we also got a bottle of that. It was at our first destination that I was reminded of the biggest difference between Ryan and me. I buy something everywhere we go, and he really doesn't even need to take money with him when he goes somewhere because he never wants anything. Anyways, after Chateau Bianca we took off down the road and ended up in Tillamook where we went to the cheese factory (where I found the CUTEST little headband bows for Mya) and subsequently found another quaint little spot called the Blue Heron. It was a deli/shop/winery/cheese place/bookstore/antique toy shop. I honestly think we stayed there for a couple of hours...we had lunch, Ryan tasted everything and I found random little things I couldn't bear to go home without. Then we hit Pacific City to check out the beach and ended up in Lincoln City where we had dinner at Mo's before heading home. It was such a cool day, because we literally had nothing in mind. We could stay anywhere we wanted for as long as we wanted. We had no time schedule and no responsibilities. We love to find quaint little places off the beaten path. All in all, it was a great day to spend time together and enjoy the Oregon Coast-the weather was amazing! What a super duper fun Valentine's Day; I am reminded how lucky I am to have a Valentine that I love to do nothing with!

I was clearly excited to be on the road--thumbs up!
This is Ryan's typical 'funny picture' look

The Grapeseed Oil-So amazing!

The scenery--of course a picture out the moon roof!

Tillamook, Oregon. Tillamook Cheese Factory....yummmmy cheese....!

Mmmm, and some ice cream!

And the cute bows I found for Mya in the gift shop! What a random find.

The Blue have to stop there if you ever go through Tillamook.

a glass of wine of accompany the cheese!
An awesome blueberry beer that Ryan tried! They carry it at Fred Meyer (we found it on the way home). It tastes nothing like beer...more like blueberry juice.
Scenery....along the Oregon Coast

Haystack Rock at Pacific City--it was a beautiful day!

Leavin' Mo's...they have the best chowder and fish n' chips! I forgot to take a picture while we were eating, so I took one at checkout.

All in a day's adventure--we were home sleeping by 10:30!


Coleson's Blog said...

what fun and what a treat! glad you got a chance to do nothing! ;) *and cute hair bows!

Kristina said...

What a fabulous day! We love Mo's too....