Saturday, February 7, 2009

True Confessions of a Shopaholic

I wasn't sure what to title this blog entry. My first option was: Goals, Second: Quarter Marathon Here I Come, and lastly: True Confessions of a Shopaholic. Obviously I chose the latter. Here's why:I have been really convicted lately that I need to take better care of my body. I need to get in shape. I would love to shed a few pounds, but most importantly I want a healthy heart, body and mind. So, my bestest bud ever (from high school) Denee and I decided to run a quarter marathon. I know, many of you are thinking..."big whoop...that's like 6 miles" but let me just tell you WE ARE OUT OF SHAPE. I have been pregnant and nursing babies for what seems like forever. Every part of me sits about 2 inches lower than it used to, and I haven't exercised at all in a long time. In fact, when I told Ryan I was going to start running he laughed and noted that he wouldn't have to worry about losing me (we live in the country) because I wouldn't get past the stop sign (I can see that from here!). I tell you that only because working out really is out of character for me (and Ryan so kindly pointed it out). So, I have a few months to get in shape until our quarter marathon! I spent the afternoon researching upcoming events, workout routines...and running shoes. The running shoes led me to check out pants, then tank-tops, then....ohhhhh, you get the idea. Tonight when Ryan got home my mom and I took off to the Nike Outlet and grabbed a few essentials for my new venture. Only the bare necessities of course: new running shoes, tanks, a hat, a pink headband and pink workout watch. As we walked out of the store, all excited, I burst into laughter. I always joke that I enjoy shopping for hobbies more than I actually enjoy most hobbies--depressing? yes. True? yes. All that to say I am really excited about getting in shape. I am excited about spending more time with Denee'. I am excited about practing self-discipline. I am excited about setting a good example for my children about what it means to be a good steward of what God gives us. I am excited to prove Ryan wrong!--be watching for me waaaaaay past the stop sign...I will be the one in the pink headband!


Molly Briggs said...

Way to go, guys! I'll be cheering for the pink headband and not surprised when you decide to do the WHOLE marathon!

Chris/ty said...

Yeah Tara! You can totally do it. I can just picture you running on country roads around your house in your pink little accessories. Too cute!

the Skips said...

dangerous to put this stuff on your blog....people will be keeping you accountable, asking how it's going! good for you, girl!