Friday, February 13, 2009

Tea Party--hosted by Logan!

I was cracking up this morning when Logan hosted a tea party. He was filling (and refilling) Mya's teapot with water so everyone could drink up. The tea set has cups that turn color when they are holding water--so the kids had a grand ole' time. When Ryan came home for lunch he was less than thrilled to see his boys taking part in a tea party. He convinced Logan to have a truck party instead of a tea party--I have no clue what this is,but Logan bought in hook, line and sinker. I don't think Logan really cared about the tea, he just LOVES playing in water. He loves to pour it, blow bubbles in it, make drops out of it...and any other verb you can connect to water. Oh the fun things kids find to do!

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Melissa said...

This is too cute! And tell Ryan his cousin said "Chill!" Some very manly men all across Europe and Asia drink tea. Maybe it means Logan is very worldly. :) I think he's brilliant and teaching his brother and sister to be brilliant too! :) Much Love to you all! --Melissa