Thursday, February 26, 2009

Solo Mission (with a sidekick)

This last weekend Ryan went on a 'guys weekend' to snowboard and snowmobile (with Dan, Josh, Travis and others). I was home with the kiddos, but fortunately Denee' came over to help out on Friday night and Saturday. So here is a quick overview of the weekend: Thursday night Holly (our family helper/babysitter/rescue Tara person) came over so I could take Logan to music. I surprised Logan with a little 'date night' before his Kindermusik class where he and I went to the Gilbert House and out to dinner at Applebees. We had such a fun time together! Friday night Denee' came over to stay the night with us. We made pizzas (mostly her and Logan), and she and I sat up all night talking and laughing so hard (and loud) that we woke up the kiddos. I felt like we were at 8th grade camp all over again. Saturday we took the kids to the park and then let Nana watch them for a couple of hours so we could get MASSAGES and hit the sauna. Later, Grammy watched them so we could get our hair cut and colored--believe me, this hair experience resulted in great hair but was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! That is another post for another time! I felt blessed to spend time with my buddy since 8th grade, Denee'. We have been through cheer tryouts, parental drama, boyfriends, weddings, college and so much more together! I also felt blessed that Ryan could spend time with his buddies, nurturing their long-time friendships. Believe me...I daily thank the Lord for the amazing friends and family that we have surrounding us- we couldn't be more blessed.

The Gilbert House shopping center--Logan makes a good cashier and shopper!
Logan loves the trains...he runs in circles in an attempt to beat the train around the loop!
And who wouldn't want to dig for fossils?
Logan enjoyed his sundae at Applebees a little too much! Lucky for me he had a shirt on under the shirt that he covered in oreo sundae!
Denee' and Logan making pizzas for dinner! She had pepperoni and he had cheese!
Mason even got in on the pizza action.Logan was preparing to eat his finished product!

I have no spa or hair salon pictures--the battery in camera died...what a bummer!

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