Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mason's Endoscopy

All went well yesterday. Everything the doctors could 'see' looked good, but we will get the biopsy results next week sometime. It was a busy morning...up at 4:00 (eesh), quick Starbucks run, waiting room, pre-op room, waiting room again, conference room with the doctor, pre-surgery room again, recovery room, waiting room....honestly, we were bouncing from place to place so often that we only had time to gather up all our junk and head to the next place. It was hilarious. I took so much stuff that it looked like we were trying to move in (Ryan was a little embarrassed). However, when your kid is a spitter you pack about 2 changes of clothes per hour that you plan to be gone, and Mason had fasted so I took snacks, etc. In addition, I took my laptop and scrapbooking paraphernalia....So, it was a zoo. All that to say, I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday morning. Here are a few pics of our adventure. Mason was a trooper.

PS: His hospital gown was HUGE because the one in his size was pink and Ryan refused to let him wear it--dead serious.

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Coleson's Blog said...

Coleson wouldnt have been allowed the pink one too. Good to hear you didnt cave! :)Busy day; glad all went well.